scheduleDecodeFrame kVTVideoDecoderBadDataErr
  • Hi,

    Not sure if this is a big deal or not - was looking at the console logging (tracking down another non-SS issue) and saw lots of these messages coming from SecuritySpy:

    default 13:43:20.200464 -0400 SecuritySpy GVA error: scheduleDecodeFrame kVTVideoDecoderBadDataErr nal err : acc_size = 3823, datasize = 3823, video_nal_count = 0, first_preslicehdr_count = 1 ...

    I don't have any issues with the Mac or SS - but wanted to see if it was an issue. Appears to come in waves, 20-40 messages a second in the console logging. I looked in the SS log and just see normal periodic network messages on some of my slower cameras once or twice a day.


  • Hi Eric,

    This indicates that one of your cameras is sending bad video data that cannot be decoded. Things to check are as follows:

    - Obtain and install the latest firmware for your cameras.

    - Check the network: if you are using Ethernet then you should be using a Gigabit switch from a well-known manufacturer and good quality cabling.

    - If you are using WiFi (not recommended) then make sure the signal strength is good. If you can, switch to wired Ethernet.

    - Reducing your cameras' frame rates may also help with this problem due to lower bandwidth and therefore less strain on the network and Mac.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks. I should have responded sooner. It was a faulty Cat6 wire - fixed and resolved. Thanks for pointing me to potential network issues.

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