SecuritySpy not deleting old files from AFP NAS share but "sees" 1 days worth (my setting)
  • Mac Mini (mid 2011) / 10.13.6

    I have a FreeNAS server (11.2-RELEASE-U1) setup as my capture destination for SS. I can delete files both from the share (mounted as AFP) and from the server itself as the user (cameras), so I'm confident this isn't a permissions issue.

    I have the software setup to delete old files after 1 day (both for startup and all other disks) but this doesn't seem to be working entirely...

    What's interesting is that my daily email from SS Daily Stats email states:

    - 15 movie files recorded
    - 46 image files recorded
    - 16.4 GB of data recorded
    - 0 errors
    - 100% camera uptime

    16.4 GB is *roughly* 1 day worth of recordings, however when I look at the share, there are recordings going back to the last time I manually removed the files, which was May 22 (the oldest folder now is 2019-05-23, 290 GB of files currently exist). SS seems to be ignoring the remaining files for some reason.

    Any idea where to start? I've been trying to figure this out on my own for several weeks. I really don't want to have to babysit the software and monitor its disk usage....

    To test to ensure the functionality is working, I'm pointing my camera to a local disk and will let it run for a few days.


  • Hi Justin,

    The first thing to check is that you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy. Older versions had problems removing files from NAS drives in certain circumstances.

    Another thing: when you look at the disk, you will see a list of day folders ("2019-05-23" etc.). Sometimes, these folders will remain empty for a few days even after all the files within them have been removed, so just make sure that this isn't what is happening in your case, as if you have a bunch of empty folders here it may look as though the automatic deletion is not working, when in fact it is.

    If this doesn't fix it, please email us and include a screenshot of the General preferences in SecuritySpy so that we can check your settings.
  • Hi Ben,

    I pointed the software back to the AFP share and it deleted all the files, which was interesting. I'm going to let this run for a couple days, see what happens and will send an email if the issue persists.

    Thanks again,


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