Axis Companion Bullet Mini LE Compatibility?
  • Hello,

    This is a long shot, but has anyone tested or otherwise know if the Axis line of "Companion" IP cameras are compatible with SecuritySpy?

    As a longtime Axis customer (cameras only), I just happened to discover this product line and it appears as though it is a bare bones turnkey design. All components from the cameras all the way to the NVR are proprietary and no other products can be substituted in the mix. The "Companion Bullet Mini LE" cameras look like their M2025 LE model (which is compatible with SecuritySpy), but at half the cost if you shop around. My guess is that the cheaper model has a limited web interface and features OR a design that only allows it to connect to the Axis Companion Recorder unit. Well, is that really true with a little hacking?

    If these cameras can be accessed by SecuritySpy without too much hair loss, that would be perfect for me. I love the Axis quality and potential five-year warranty, but hardly use many of the additional software features because SecuritySpy does most of that so much better. Of course, paying $130 USD verses $260 for the perceived same basic heart of the camera is also a huge plus.

    Dr. Z.
  • Hi Zeigh,

    Unfortunately not. These cameras are made specifically for Axis's own NVR devices/software. As far as I can tell, these are basically hobbled versions of standard Axis models, that are designed specifically not to work with third-party software.

    So I'm afraid you'll have to go for the normal Axis models, and avoid the "Companion" ones.

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