"The key frame interval from the network device is too high" Hikvision cameras H.264+
  • Getting this error a lot, on all my cameras: "Error performing motion capture for the camera "West Carpark 2", motion capture mode has been disarmed. 4.2.10b14,5575,55340,818 Failed to record video frame. The key frame interval from the network device is too high, locate and change this setting in the device (may be called I-frame interval / I-frame rate / GOV length / Intra frame period)."

    I have H.264+ enabled on the cameras, so the setting for 'I Frame Interval' is greyed out (setting is 10).

    Should I turn off H.264+ and Increase the I Frame Interval? If so to what value?

    Thanks, James.
  • Hi James, yes you will need to turn off the H.264+ option (just stick to regular H.264). A good I Frame Interval setting is approximately double the frame rate.
  • I have 7 Hikvision cams all set to Standard H.264
    Main Stream-
    Bitrate: Variable
    Max Bitrate: 8192Kbps on 4mp cams and 4096Kbps on the 3mp cams
    Frame Rate: 10
    Frame Type: P
    I Frame Interval: 10
    Resolution Set to Max.
    All cams set to motion only.
    Have 3-3MP and 4-4MP cams all with current firmware.
    Everything is running solid with all cams active and recording
    The Hikvision White Paper says to match your P Frame Interval to your frame rate.
    This is running on a 2014 mini 2.6/8GB/1TB, High Sierra (version 10.13), Recording to a 3TB USB 3 external drive.
    The H264+ encoding is specific to Hikvision and i don't think SS will support it.???
    There is talk of H.265 support. All you will get from both H264+ and H.265 is smaller file sizes. With the new 4K cameras this would be a nice thing to support.
    Got a new 2018 mini thinking that i would migrate SS over but the old system is running so well. Don't see any reason until i upgrade to 4K or more cams.

    Cheers Tighe
  • Thanks Ben and Tighe. I've turned off H.264+ on all my cameras and am no longer getting the key frame error. I have I Frame Interval at 20 for most cameras, some higher (frame rate is 10). Over 30 cameras running on late-2013 Mac Pro.

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