New Edgerouter 4 and no preview images showing up in iOS notifications.
  • Hi there-
    I just upgraded my home router to a Ubiquiti Edgerouter 4 and set it up with the basic settings and the built-in firewall. The only trouble I had with SS after the upgrade is that I don't seem to be seeing the preview image on my phone in the SS app when I get alerts from the system. This happens when I'm at home on the local network as well as when I'm away. Are there some settings that you know of on a router or firewall that would prevent just the preview image from showing up. "Show Previews" in the app settings is set to "always". Not 100% sure the router is the culprit but it seems like a good possibility and I figured you would know a few things to check.
  • Hi Ted, notifications themselves just require an outgoing connection to the Internet, but the preview images require a working incoming connection from the Internet to SecuritySpy. This requires setting up remote access, which may require configuration of your new router. Please see our instructions on how to set up remote access to SecuritySpy. If this doesn't help, please email us and we will help you with this directly.

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