Zoom/focus access for the Zavio B6530?
  • the web interface's 'Home' pane (i.e., not the Settings pane) for the B6530 camera provides Zoom and Focus access. any chance you could add this to SS?
  • Unfortunately not. SecuritySpy does not support focus control, because this is typically done automatically by the camera, or done as a one-off task via the camera’s interface when setting it up initially.

    As for zoom, this camera is not technically a zoom-capable camera. Instead, it has a vari-focal lens that is designed to be set once initially when setting the camera up; it is not designed for continuous use. Only cameras that specifically support “zoom” are designed for this. Some cameras’ vari-focal lenses are operated manually for initial setup; this camera has a motorised vari-focal lens for convenience, but it is still not a true zoom feature.

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