Web Interface Feature Suggestion
  • I'm sharing one camera with friends and family. Sharing this is a great feature, but the web interface has way too much information showing that is not applicable to the user permissions given. For example, for user access to view live capture and captured videos, on the "Live video" tab on the Security Spy Web Server page, there really only needs to be the top panel, and not the lower panel that has the tabs "Status", "Scheduling", "Web Activity" and "Log". Likewise for the "Captured files" tab. And most definitely, there shouldn't be buttons for Preferences and Camera Settings.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I can see what you mean, but it's quite standard across many such web interfaces to have all options visible, even if some require a higher level of access. This way, if you are currently logged in as a basic user, but then want to access some admin feature, then you can attempt to do so and then be asked for admin login details (e.g. if you click on the Preferences button in the SecuritySpy web interface, but you aren't logged in as an administrator, you will be asked for admin login details).

    Perhaps the best solution for you would be to make a custom index.html page for your friends and family, and give them the URL to this custom page instead of the main SecuritySpy page.
  • Yes that will work. I didn’t know that customization option exists, good addition.

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