Don't do this: Error while virtualizing
  • To do some extensive overhauling of our machine which hosts SSpy I created a disk image via CCC and then installed it into VMWare, with the intent of then moving it as a 'hot spare' to a cheesgrater MacPro running ESXi.

    I have everything set to power up when the machine starts, right?

    01/23/2019 09:24:54: The license "BADUHQ" is being used on another computer, so this software will de-register. The other computer is on the local network, with name "baduhq.local", model "VMware7,1" and user "baduhq".

    oops. This lead to the great 'where is that license key again' run around. It wasn't too big a deal, except that I was also reracking & reweaving and forgot to check once I had everything up and running.

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