number of cameras and "virtual" cameras
  • Quick question. I have an eight camera license. I have exactly 8 physical cameras. I also have three "virtual cameras" which are just duplication of three of the cameras with different rules. This all works fine in SS.

    But using a browser and hitting the web server, I can only see the first 10 cameras (8 physical and 2 of the 3 virtual). This is not a major issue, but I'm curious of this is a bug of some kind or by design.

    The same thing happens in the iOS app.... only the first 10 cameras show.
  • This shouldn't be down to licensing restrictions - if the three extra cameras are set up with exactly the same device settings, SecuritySpy will recognise this and will not restrict usage of these extra instances even if they are beyond the license limit.

    The first thing to check is the web permissions - perhaps the missing camera has not been included in the permissions for the web account you are using?

    What you are describing is not by design, and there are no known bugs related to this, so it's most likely a settings issue.

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