Axis M20 series/Latest Firmware/Slower FPS
  • I have several Axis m2026 mark II cameras that I use with the latest version of SecSpy on a Mojave iMac. I've noticed that when I update them to the latest firmware, 8.50.1, after several hours, the FPS will drop from 30 to low single digits (2-4 typically). The FPS on camera webpage stays around 30. I can downgrade the firmware back to 8.40.1 and the FPS jump back to normal (30 FPS). It's difficult to see what's going on exactly because it's not every m2026 I have, just a couple of them. Some work fine at 30 FPS with the latest firmware. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and found a solution besides downgrading the firmware?
  • This sounds like an unusual problem. It definitely sounds like a bug in the camera's firmware - perhaps the best course of action would be to contact Axis to let them know.

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