Motion Capture - tweaks and enhancements.
  • I have been using SS for 9 months to record traffic and number plates within 6 -60feet of an HD IP camera. I am pushing the limit of the motion capture triggers and wonder if there are enhancements that could be made.

    I have set a mask to ensure waving trees don't trigger, and also to mask cars - so I only get bigger vehicles - vans and trucks. I also have set the shutter to a fast speed to freeze fast moving vehicles or those closest the camera.
    Here is a still capture with the mask overlayed to show the scope of the trigger. This vehicle was driving fast and triggered late. I could widen the mask a bit but that triples the captures I don't need. 2019-01-15 at 07.55.50.png

    However I am missing some vehicles because the trigger is too late and they have exited frame.
    Q1 - Is there a way to pre-trigger capture?
    Q2 - Is there a way to decrease the time between captures? Currently Freq:1 Post Cap:1 - Ideally I'd like a 0.5s pre-capture and 0.5s frequency.

    Q3 - Lastly I am not convinced the triggers reset quick enough. If I have a line of traffic of 20 vans then the capture is only the first 3 or so and the following 17 are ignored.

    Q 4 - Lower priority wish: can different masks or capture pre-sets be applied during different schedules? The setup of triggers when IR is on is very different to normal vision (headlights illuminate areas and false trigger)

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