Moved USB plugs for Cameras, How do I update securityspy?
  • Recently, I got a new Mac Mini (which I'm liking so far) and as a result I had to change the USB ports my two USB cameras were using. The result is that SecuritySpy now indicates that both of these cameras are offline but using Photo Booth I know that they are online so what is the most efficient way for me to reconfigure SS to access these cameras?
  • I figured it out but I will say it could be easier in that I created new camera instances in SS prefs then duplicated my original camera setup to the new camera however the capture destination was not copied to the new camera. This needs some work.
  • The way that SecuritySpy identifies USB cameras is with a unique ID that is generated by the system. By changing ports, it must have caused these IDs to change, resulting in the cameras becoming unavailable.

    Your solution was the correct one. You are right that the capture destination is currently not copied over when using this function, we will have a look at this.

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