Choose different stream when selecting a certain camera window.
  • I recently replaced my cameras with newer 5MP models (using ONVIF). The challenge is that I typically run SS in a single column down the left or right side of my screen, where the video thumbnails are quite small. I'm getting no benefit in that layout of a 5MP image. The amount of CPU and Network is pretty steep with these new cameras vs my old ones. I understand I can pick which stream the camera sends (the cameras send four different streams of various resolution and framerate.)

    What I want to have happen is in thumbnail view, I want to have it choose stream #2 (my low-res 800x600 15fps stream) and then when I maximize one of the cameras into full screen view, I want it to choose stream #1 (2560x1920 30fps).

    I don't see anyway to do this. Does anyone have some insight how to accomplish this, or could a future version of SS add this function?
  • What you are suggesting would probably use more CPU, because then SecuritySpy would potentially have to decode multiple incoming streams instead of just one per camera.

    Although you aren't getting benefit from the high resolution in these small views, this display to screen isn't going to be using a huge amount of CPU usage (the video display uses OpenGL, which is highly optimised and hardware accelerated).

    However, I would certainly advise against using 30fps for your 5 MP streams - this is much too high for general-purpose video surveillance. Instead, I would suggest 5-10fps. Reducing this frame rate is the main thing that will reduce your resource usage without compromising quality.

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