Problem connecting multiple cams
  • Hi, I am having trouble connecting to multiple cams on SecuritySpy. One camera is connecting on SecuritySpy, the rest won't connect. These cameras are working fine, I can connect to them via. IP adress on a web browser. The camera that SecuritySpy manages to connect to has IP / port: / 80. The ones that I am unable to connect to have IP / port: and When I try to add camera both as auto-discovered device and as manual input, I just get error "unrecognized request, check device setup". All cameras are same brand / model (Hikvision). What am I doing wrong?
  • An "unrecognised request" error usually indicates that either the "Profile" or "Format" setting in SecuritySpy is incorrect, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device". Other causes of this problem include incorrect address or ports being supplied.

    Why are these cameras operating on different ports? Generally, to avoid problems, you should leave the cameras using their default ports, which are 80 for HTTP and 554 for RTSP.

    Note that 8080 and 8081 sound like HTTP ports, but SecuritySpy obtains video from the cameras using RTSP, which normally runs on 554, So if you have manually entered these custom ports into SecuritySpy, this could be the problem.

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