Amcrest POE IP8M2496EB frustrations
  • this camera seems to reject the SSpy 'Amcrest' and 'Amcrest POE' SS Profiles.

    Infact when I try to just browse to it I find that it is requireing a plugin. that won't do.

    is there some set of settings I can push into this thing to make it work? I picked it up when I saw Amcrest listed in SSpy's list of vendors.
  • After more dorking around, including running the 'profile scan' I find the ONVIF generic setup gets me an image w/in Security Spy. That's a start. Now if I can turn of the IR remotely...

    It's chewing a fair amount of CPU ( 44% ) at my main install, with all the others ( all Axis ) running much lower )
  • I'm not sure why it didn't work with the standard Amcrest profile, but in any case there is no disadvantage in using the ONVIF profile, so continue to use that.

    The high CPU usage could be related to a high frame rate being delivered by the camera, so I recommend you check the frame rate you are getting, and reduce it if you want to reduce CPU usage and recording space. You can do this by logging on to the camera using a web browser to adjust its video encoding settings. I would recommend a frame rate of around 5-10 fps.
  • Hi Ben,

    I am totally trying to avoid installing their plug-in to control this camera.

    however the camera's web UI does let me set the frame rate etc.

    Doing this to bring the 4K camera down into the same 2014xfoo range as the fleet of Axis cameras also drops the CPU level into a comparable place.

    If you remind me how to set your debug levels in the logs I'm happy to run through the profile scan and send the longs along to you. I was surprised as well. Or to just point the Amcrest profile at the camera... whatever.

    In chatting with 2 different Amcrest support people they maintained I couldn't get an image out of this in any way without using their plug-in.
  • By default, the camera is probably set to its maximum resolution and frame rate, which for this camera is 8 MP and 15 fps. This would explain the high CPU usage.

    You certainly are able to set the frame rate on other (older) Amcrest cameras without using a web plugin, so it would be annoying if they are moving in this direction. Web plugins for IP cameras are annoying, unnecessary and they lead to a to worse user experience overall.

    But if this is the only way to set the frame rate, then you will probably have to install the plugin once, set the settings you want, then delete the plugin. I don't think there is any way around this. Certainly, for these particular cameras, SecuritySpy cannot request a particular frame rate: it is up to the camera to choose the frame rate.
  • Thanks again.
    yes I was able to bring the framerate down w/out installing a plug-in. it took some poking around to find the proper place.
    I also found that I can disable the IR LED in the HTML UI.

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