Interesting solution to "Error performing continuous capture for the camera..."
  • So I purchased a new 6-core 3.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac mini (2018) with 16 GB Ram and love it. After I had it all setup I started getting this error on all 6 of my cameras.

    Error performing continuous capture for the camera "Hik Driveway", continuous capture mode has been disarmed. 4.2.9,1556,98002 Failed to record video frame. The disk is too slow and cannot keep up with writing data - you may need to reformat or replace the disk.

    So I did as advised.
    1st reformat disk.... No change
    2nd replace disk... no change
    3 through lost track... changed many settings with no change.

    My final step was to reboot each of my cameras and now the error has not appeared in 2 days.

    I have 5 cameras recording 10 FPS and 1 at 6 FPS

    BTW my report at the end of each days says the following.
    - 7% average CPU usage
    - Normal memory pressure

    Plenty of headroom for more cameras.

    Thank you Ben for your great software.

  • Good to hear you no longer get the message, but it's curious why you were getting it in the first place, and if we don't work out why it was happen then it may return.

    What type of disk are you recording to and how is it connected to the Mac?

    In the Camera Info window, enable the "Data Rate" column if not enabled already (click on the header bar where you see the column names to get a menu to add/remove columns) and add up all the data rates. What is the total? This total is what is getting written to the drive if you are using Continuous Capture.
  • Might be Spotlight chewing up drive i/o on a newly encountered drive. Spotlight can be a big, unpredictable i/o load that goes away after a while. You'll see MDworker processes chewing up CPU and drive i/o when Spotlight starts indexing.

    I routinely put my capture volume in the Spotlight/privacy pane to prevent Spotlight activity.
  • I didn't think of Spotlight - yes that's definitely another possible cause, as it can really slow down drives while it is scanning for files.
  • Thank you,

    The error has returned and my findings are below.

    My total data rate is 4.1 MB/s. I am writing to a Seagate Backup+ Hub 5GB which is on USB3. I have plugged it in to both the USB C and USB A ports of the Mac mini.

    So I went to check spotlight pref pane. I normally omit my external drives. Yet it was missing today. So I added my externals as I must have forgotten. So we will see if that helps.

  • Seagate Backup+ Hub 5GB

    That is even more likely the issue. IIRC SOME of those Seagate drives are actually Shingled Magnetic Recording drives. If it happens to be one with a SMR drive, it's going to intermittently & unpredictably wreak havoc for video recording. Unfortunately, you can't tell from the external packaging. Only when you test write performance, will you detect the intermittently poor write performance.

  • I am surprised you get that error, I have 4 cameras recording in 12hour sessions at 4k, 30fps to an external old xbox 360 hard drive and have no issues so something is definitely amiss that isn't SS's fault... My money is also on Spotlight, I have it disabled on all my devices as never really find any use for it and it certainly eats up processing time
  • Also "I have plugged it in to BOTH the USB C and USB A ports of the Mac mini."

    I don't think you plug it into two USB ports of the Mini simultaneously.
  • I'd get rid of the Seagate and pick up an OWC dual drive enclosure and a couple WD Reds. Configure as a striped RAID. Replace the drives every 25,000 hours. You'll have plenty of capacity, speed, and reliability.
  • Thank you for all the advice. This AM I disabled spotlight on all external drives and according to the log the error has not occurred again.

    Just to clarify I did not have the Seagate plugged into BOTH usb C and A ports simultaneously. I tried the C port then swapped cables and tried the A port.

    I did not think it was the drive as the only hardware changed from my previous setup was removing the 2014 Mac mini and replacing it with the 2018 Mac mini.

    I will check the log again tomorrow to ensure we have the problem solved now.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions.


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