Feature request: AppleScript 'get' verb for 'overlay'
  • SecuritySpy has great AppleScript support, including the ability to set the text overlay via the 'set overlay' verb. This will work for 99 percent of applications.

    However, my SecuritySpy application is somewhat unusual, insofar as I use my camera feed in part as a means of sharing live status information with others.

    I have a script which pushes my iTunes status to the camera overlay text, which works very well. But ideally I would like to be able to read any existing, manually entered overlay text, before my iTunes push, and then restore it via script when iTunes quits.

    In order to do this, SecuritySpy would have to expose a 'get' verb for the 'overlay' object, which it currently does not do. I hope this would not be difficult, and would very much appreciate if it could make its way into a future build.

  • This is currently possible:

    Check out the "Parse System Info" example on the SecuritySpy AppleScript Examples page.

    The system info contains a wealth of information about the system and cameras, including the current overlay text (the tag is ).

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