Help me find the rat
  • My neighbor throws birdseed all over her deck. It attracts rats. They get on my roof and into the attic. No pest company has been able to pinpoint where or how they get in the attic.
    I would like to set up a camera to target the roof. I am fairly certain of the direction of travel. Once I find their point of entry, I can seal it off and remove the camera.

    What do you think would be a good camera setup for this?
  • Funny. I have a PTZ mounted in my attic to periodically check for intrusions.

    Pretty much any exterior camera trained at your roof WITH IR on should let you see the glowing eyes. Getting motion detect for something that small in Security Spy is not terribly likely. You will likely need to fast forwarding through a lot of continuous video capture.
  • good info thanks!
  • Get something with good night-vision and also good resolution (3 or 4 MP), as rats are small and fast. Vivotek has many dome-type models that should fit the bill, alternatively a Dahua dome or bullet camera should work well.

    SecuritySpy's motion detection is optimised for human-sized objects, so it may not work very well with rat-sized objects. To give you a good chance of this working, position the camera as close as possible to where you think the rats are moving, and get a camera with a lens that isn't too wide-angled - ideally a camera with a vari-focal lens, so that you can adjust the amount of zoom.

    Good luck!
  • Ben-

    I'm curious, what range is considered wide, medium, and narrow?
    I was looking at the compatibility chart, are most Vivotek and Dahua cameras accepted?


    P.S. Can I remote-trigger a shotgun from SecuritySpy? haha.
  • Hi Eric,

    I'm not sure if we'll be adding a motion-triggered shotgun feature to SecuritySpy in the near future! :)

    For CCTV cameras, 3mm is considered wide angle. 6mm is medium, and is probably around what you will need. If you get something like a 4-12mm vari-focal this should give you a good range to play with to get the right framing.

    SecuritySpy is compatible with all Vivotek and Dahua cameras.

    You could also check out Sunba cameras. They don't have any models with more than 2 MP resolution yet, but their night-vision and zoom abilities are fantastic.

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