Many errors since upgrade
  • Ben or anyone that can help fix this - I would love some direction/assistance with this issue

    My system:
    iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017)
    3.6 GHz Intel Core i7
    16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
    3 x Reolink Poe outdoor cameras off TP-Link Switch
    1 x Reolink WiFi indoor camera
    2 x Hikvision WiFi Indoor cameras off Asus AC3100 router
    Storage is on local MAC 512Gb SSD

    My problem: Other users seem to be having similar problems

    It seems that since the mid-Oct upgrade of SS I'm getting many errors with all cameras

    _____________ here are some ...

    Generated by the SecuritySpy server running on the computer "Cy’s iMac (1375)":

    Error communicating with the network device "Kitchen". 4.2.9,70902,800 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. The operation timed out.

    There was an error while setting up the camera "Kitchen". 4.2.9,66040,64 Failed to open network device. Host is down.
    Generated by the SecuritySpy server running on the computer "Cy’s iMac (1375)":


    - 0 cameras currently online
    - 5 cameras currently offline
    - 18 movie files recorded in total
    - 92 image files recorded in total
    - 264 MB of data recorded in total
    - 91.7% software uptime
    - 13% average CPU usage
    - Normal memory pressure


    - Currently offline
    - 8 movie files recorded
    - 34 image files recorded
    - 75.7 MB of data recorded
    - 6 errors
    - 99.6% camera uptime

    East Side:
    - Currently offline
    - 0 movie files recorded
    - 0 image files recorded
    - 0 bytes of data recorded
    - 10 errors
    - 99.5% camera uptime

    Back Yard:
    - Currently offline
    - 0 movie files recorded
    - 0 image files recorded
    - 0 bytes of data recorded
    - 4 errors
    - 99.5% camera uptime

    - Currently offline
    - 6 movie files recorded
    - 29 image files recorded
    - 159 MB of data recorded
    - 8 errors
    - 98.6% camera uptime

    Attempts to fix are lowering frame rate to 10/fps (no help).

    My Questions:

    1. Should I revert to earlier version
    2. When the cameras are offline how do I determine the time they're down (maybe I can live with the errors)

  • This is almost certainly not a problem with SecuritySpy - you are on the current release and other users are not reporting similar problems. The errors from the log that you have copied above point to a network issue.

    A timeout error indicates that a camera did not respond to a connection attempt, and a "Host is down" error indicates that a particular camera is no longer on the network. Can you describe how the cameras and the Mac is connected? If any are connected wirelessly then this is usually the culprit - wherever possible, connect all devices by wired Ethernet. At a minimum, your Mac should be connected to the switch/router by wired Ethernet.

    For those camera that have to be connected wirelessly, they must be close to the router, and should have their frame rates lowered so as not to saturate the network.

    Let me know if you continue to have problems.
  • Hi Ben,

    My Mac is currently connected to the modem as is the PoE switch. Should I have the Mac connected to the switch instead?
  • Yes, at the heart of the network should be one high-quality Ethernet switch, and all devices (router, Mac, cameras) should be connected to this switch if possible. More info can be found in this blog post: Ben Software Blog: Network Topology.
  • Thanks, I'll do that.

    When one or more of the cameras drops off it always reconnects within a minute or so. Am I am being paranoid about the error messages or when should I just ignore them?
  • The camera uptimes you are getting (99.5% etc.) are high so it doesn't look like you have a serious problem here. Unless you are seeing disconnections for extended periods of time resulting in significantly lower uptime figures, then I think it's safe to ignore these errors. However, anything you can do to make your network more reliable is going to be beneficial, and will push those uptime figures up even more.
  • Thanks for advise on this issue it's most appreciated. Also wondering if you have any major updates in the works.


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