Motion : Pre capture for images, and reset of the motion trigger
  • Hi I want to be able to pre-capture stills. I also want to immediate reset after each trigger.

    I have been using the software and I think it is excellent. I have a traffic cam that currently motion captures and records video: 10fps, 20 key frame 1 second pre-capture and 1 sec post capture, and stills Freq: 1 Post cap 1. If cars move quickly the motion trigger is too late for stills but video gets it. I’d like to switch off video as stills are more useful. So can the stills have the same pre-capture option as video? Can stills have a shorter frequency?

    The other issue is if a van triggers a masked motion capture this records the van, but a second van that passes behind will not be recorded as the motion capture is not working whilst writing video of the first trigger event. So can it be set to enable a much longer clip if the trigger events are continuous? Again this is probably more valuable to apply to stills… so in my set up I could have say 4 or 5 sets of two stills to cover 4 or 5 consecutive cars.

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