IR Not Working On One Camera
  • I have one camera where the IR is not functioning properly. The IR LEDs cut in a out. Mostly, they're out.

    Axis P3227-LVE camera
    UniFi Switch PoE 48 Port

    After spending a lot of time working with Axis support, they decided it was the camera, so I sent it back for repair. However, while I was waiting to get it back, I replaced it with a new camera. (since I needed one anyway)

    The new camera had the same issue. IR LED's cutting out.

    I thought the issue might be with the RJ-45 connection at the camera. When I opened things up, I noticed that part of the wire was being crimped. So, I cut the wire after the crimped section and added a new RJ-45 connector.

    The problem appears to have gotten worst, at best.

    I've moved the camera around on the PoE switch, but nothing's changed.

    So, I'm still thinking I have a cable issue.

    The Fluke tester I have says everything looks great. But, it doesn't test PoE. I started looking for a PoE tester.

    Any ideas of how to test for this issue?
    Or what might be the root cause of this issue?

  • If this were a PoE problem, I would expect the entire camera to go offline, not just the IR LEDs - do you see this happening at all?

    Is there any other light source that could be interfering with the camera's ability to detect ambient light levels? For example, if you have a bright motion-sensing light nearby, this may cause the camera to turn off its IR LEDs.

    Is there an option in the camera's settings pages to have the IR LEDs on all the time? If so, this could be a workable solution.

    Another possibility is that this is a common fault with these cameras, so it would be interesting to see what Axis says about the camera you sent back.
  • This problem has been on two cameras. Various FW revisions for the cameras. No other camera/location has ever had this issue.

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