Browser / Timeline
  • I really like your product. I have been using it for a couple of years with a 6 camera setup and its reliability has been literally 100%. I am very encouraged that you will be adding ML intelligence to improve motion detection. Currently Rain, Bugs, shadows and moving trees will cause unwanted motion detection.

    I would like to see the Browser / Timeline implement a couple features to speed up the review of captured footage:
    1. True scrubbing mechanism
    2. The timeline should also be seamless across days.

    Thanks for the hard work!
  • Glad you like the software! Thanks for the suggestions.

    Currently the Browser displays one day only due to processing constraints. It can take significant time to gather and compose the data for a single day, and if the Browser were to work with multiple days at once, there could potentially be significant wait times, resulting in a bad user experience.

    As for the scrubbing, this can be done currently: simply drag the time cursor left/right in the timeline. Does this do what you want? Zoom in/out the timeline to adjust the size of objects and therefore the scrub speed.

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