Camera Address: UUID or IP?
  • Hi. At present my cameras are connected to SS using the auto-discover feature, and in the address box is a number starting UUID.

    I have just allocated a permanent IP to my cameras, so I'm wondering which is best to put in the address box: The IP I've allocated to each camera or the existing UUID number?

    When I say "best", I mean the most stable. I do get quite a lot of dropouts per day, only for a moment for two, but curious if switching to the IP will improve matters.

  • If you’re never changing anything, IP address is best. It’s amazing how often my Mac mini would query my DNS server for the cameras. I ended up installing a caching resolver on the Mac mini. The. I decided not to introduce more complexity and put in the IP’s.
  • Yes, as @jms703 says, fixed IP addresses are always going to be the most reliable. UUID addresses are SecuritySpy's ONVIF-discovered addresses for zero-config networking, and they do work very well, but there is inevitably more to do with any zero-config addressing and hence more to go wrong.

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