iOS App Appears Limited to One Server? How to Configure for Mulitple Servers?
  • I am not able to enter and save a second or more SecuritySpy server in my iPhone. I am running two instances of SS server 4.2.9 for reasons of redundancy and coverage. iPhone is current OS and updated. I can enter configs in the iPhone SS app for either server and it works over the WAN or LAN.

    I use the external, routable IP address but with a different port to distinguish each server. Example: for server1
    and for server2

    I can enter one server and it works fine. Then I enter the second server and it replaces the first server on the iPhone. I want to have two or more servers available on my SS iPhone app. Is that possible? Please describe how. The documentation says, "From the list of servers, tap any one to view its cameras." This suggests it is possible to have more than one server appear on the iOS device.

    Somewhat separately, only once in twelve or so months did my iPhone SS discover an SS server via Bonjour. I'm wondering about that.

  • It is possible to add multiple servers to the iOS app. What you might be running into is this:

    Each instance of SecuritySpy generates it own unique ID upon first launch, which is remembered thereafter. It is this ID that identifies the server to the iOS app. If you then copy SecuritySpy's settings file from one Mac to another, the second Mac will be using the same ID, and the iOS app will see it as the same server, causing the issue you are describing. Does this sounds like what has happened in your case?

    The solution is to erase the settings on one of your SecuritySpy servers and set up the software again. To do this, hold the command + alt (option) key when launching SecuritySpy, and you will be asked if you want to delete the settings.

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