Trendnet TV-IP314pi and TV-IP315pi not working
  • I've been using Trendnet cameras for a couple of years and I really like them. I just got three TV-IP315pi and one TV-IP314pi cameras and I'm having trouble getting them to to work. One of the TV-IP315PI cameras works with SS and its web page reports it as "4MP H.265 WDR PoE IR Dome Network Camera" using the Trendnet IP302, IP311, IP312pi profile (this is evidently a v2 camera). The other two IP315pi cameras show the following on their web page "PoE Day/Night Dome Network Camera" and do not work in SS under any profile. Same for the IP314pi. Any ideas on getting these to work? Thank you.
  • Figured it out. I had to use the over http stream (and type the dang IP address correctly...)

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