New web front end feedback.
  • Just some ideas.

    Could we have the app version number added to the web page please ?

    Would it be possible to have a button to select all cameras once aa group has been selected. Otherwise it makes the option to select a group less of an advantage.

    Can the web log be cleared from the log view page ?


  • Hi Dave,

    We considered a "select all" button, but decided it wasn't particularly useful - all you have to do is click on one of the cameras and then press Command-A on the keyboard. Command-A always means "select all" and will be familiar to most users. Do you still think we need a dedicated "select all" button?

    As for the web log file, only the most recent entries are shown via the web interface (up to a maximum of 8 KB of data), and the actual file is automatically trimmed to 10 MB maximum, so there should be no need to manually clear the log.

    As for the version number: if you want, this can be obtained from the "++systemInfo" XML data that the web server can provide (this is documented on the SecuritySpy Web Server Specification page. This data is designed to give information about the server to other applications (such as our iOS app), but is easy to check manually to obtain information such as the server version. To get this page simply navigate to http://address:port/++systemInfo
  • How about having them selected by default then ?

    I just wanted the number printed on the web page somewhere - is that tooo much to ask.
  • I'll see if we can come up with an easy way to select all (perhaps holding down some function key while selecting a group).

    As for the version number, I don't think we are going to add this to the front web interface page - Apple's design philosophy is to keep user interfaces as simple and uncluttered as possible, and we try to follow this principal in our own software products.

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