Web Server page is empty
  • Forgive me is this has been asked and answerred before.

    Yesterday I noticed when I browsed the Web Server page (the one with all the cameras & settings) that it came up empty.
    I do see the SecuritySpy interface and the logo on top, it's just the frame where normally all my cameras are listed is completely empty.

    I can see my camera feeds fine, and the iOS app also works fine, it's only the settings page of the web server that is missing all my cameras.

    I just restarted the mac, but the issue is still there.
    I am using SecuritySpy version 4.2.8 and macOS version 10.12.6

    It used to work fine, but I have no idea when this problem started.
    Has something changed recently or is there a setting I need to enable ?

    I just also noticed, the web server works fine when I browse to it on the same machine, but it occurs when I go to this page from a different mac (inside my local network)... it's very odd.
  • This sounds very odd, and is not something we have seen before. Does this happen only on one particular Mac? Please try from a different device if possible (e.g. a different Mac or your iPhone/iPad).

    I don't think this is a problem with SecuritySpy - we would have lots of other users reporting this if so, so there must be something unique to your setup somehow.

    One other thing you can try is the latest beta version of SecuritySpy, which has some changes to the camera selection controls in the web interface.

    If you are still having problems with this, please email us and include a screenshot of the issue.
  • Indeed, it was false alarm. My other Macs did show the full interface, so I dugg a little deeper. Turns out I had javascript disabled :-P

    All is well now...
  • I'm glad it was just that!

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