iOS Notifications, add a delay?
  • Right now, I'm using the SecuritySpy plugin for Indigo, where I send Notifications out via Pushover.

    I do this over the built-in iOS app notifications because I can do this: When Motion is detected → Send Notification to Pushover → Disable Trigger that sends Notification for 5 minutes.

    This way, if I'm walking around in my driveway taking the trash bins to the curb, or getting the mail, I don't get hammered with notifications in my iOS devices. I only get the first one.

    Is it possible to do this with the iOS app's built-in notifications?

    I see the Desktop app has "Action reset time", but that doesn't seem to apply to iOS notifications.

    If there isn't a way to do this, can this be a feature request submission?
  • Or perhaps I misspoke. I changed the "Action reset time" and it does seem to affect iOS notifications.

    Trying to find the manual now to confirm it should be doing that.
  • The manual says "Action reset time
    Once the actions are triggered, this delay specifies the minimum time before they can be triggered again. Without this delay, an action could be invoked many times in quick succession if there is lots of motion, which is usually undesirable. Therefore, it is advisable to specify a delay here of at least the length of a typical motion detection event."

    I think, since Notifications in iOS are actions, that means it covers that. But if someone wants to confirm for sure, I'll be happy to know I'm not crazy.
  • Yes, notifications are classed as Actions, and this "Action reset time" does apply to them. So you can set this to 300 seconds to make sure you don't get notifications more frequently than once every 5 minutes.
  • Thanks for confirming, Ben!

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