Action reset time is ignored
  • Running 4.2.6 with a 2MP Marvio IP camera (MS-1R1123 I think, Works well with SS, except that when motion is detected I will get 3 actions (email) in a minute even though I have the action reset time set to 60.

    I don't *think* this is camera related, as SS should not be retriggering any event until the reset time has expired, and it does not appear to be doing this.
  • This is strange, I've just tested this and as far as I can tell, SecuritySpy is correctly honouring the reset time.

    Perhaps there are emails that are being triggered just over 60 seconds apart, and just arriving all at once? Do you have a time stamp on the video frames? Could you please check this carefully to see if one email actually does contains images within 60 seconds of another email.

    The other thing that could cause this is if the camera is being disarmed and then armed again - this resets the reset time and could allow more than one email per 60 second period - could this be happening?
  • Definitely multiple times a minute, I do have timestamps in the video feed from the camera itself.

    What could cause the camera to be disarmed and armed? I have no scripts running, and my specific setup has the same camera entered twice into SS, one for the low res, low bitrate feed (for motion detection) and that triggers the high bandwidth stream to record and send an email.

    This same setup also has some trouble with the triggered camera not honouring pre-trigger and post-trigger, which I've commented on in another thread where you suggested it may be something with an i-frame interval setting.

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