Need Help With Unifi Camera RTSP ... Where To Put String After Port?
  • The address is: rtsp://

    I can paste it into VLC and see the feed no problem, so I know it is working.

    The question I have is ... in SecuritySpy, where do you put the string after the port? The SS settings have a field for the IP address, a field for the RTSP port, but no field for the subfolder string "/tRgde". Where do you put that string in the SS settings?

    Thanks is advance ;-)
  • in the Request box at the bottom of the Cameras device page
  • That did it. Thanks Korey ... you ROCK!
  • Are you directly using a Unifi camera, or are you pulling the video from the Unifi NVR box?

    The reason I ask, my understanding is that Unifi cameras are proprietary and the RTSP stream is only available via the NVR box so you can't get rid of the box even if you just want use only the Unifi cameras?

    Is this correct?
  • @Spiv - this used to be the case, but fortunately Ubiquiti have seen sense and they have enabled RTSP support direct from their cameras. See this Ubiquiti help document that describes what cameras with what firmware this is supported for: UniFi Video - How to Perform RTSP Directly From the Camera.
  • Awesome - thanks for the info!

    Now for some of my clients that only want 1 or 2 cameras and do not want to purchase a Mac to run SecuritySpy, I can get them started with UniFi and still be able to upgrade them in the future to SecuritySpy without replacing all the cameras.

    I *really* wish you would consider making a standalone NVR based on SecuritySpy. I know it would major work to port it to an embedded Unix box, but the cost of a Mac (even the Mac mini) is so high that I can't convince a lot of potential customers to go with the better solution (SS instead of horrible Chinese DVR boxes).
  • I understand that Mac hardware can be expensive, however we have no plans to make a non-Mac NVR I'm afraid. We are Mac developers, and SecuritySpy relies heavily on macOS APIs. Writing a Unix version of SecuritySpy would require a ground-up rewrite of the software for a platform that we are not familiar with. I just hope that Apple will refresh the Mac mini line with some more powerful machines, giving them better power-to-cost ratios. They are so long overdue for this it's ridiculous - the current Mac mini lineup is 4 years old now - come on Apple!

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