PTZ buttons not functioning on Panasonic WV-SFV781L
  • I just got a new Panasonic WV-SFV781L and set it up in SecuritySpy. I couldn't get the PTZ button to appear on the window until I set username and password to an administrator account. Now the PTZ button appears but when I click it the pop up with the directional arrows is greyed out (no blue circle and the arrows themselves are gray instead of black). I've tried the various Panasonic profiles and none helped; ONVIF seems to work just as well.

    Any suggestions on how to debug?
  • Hi - this does not appear to be a PTZ camera. The camera does have optical zoom, so the zoom in/out control should work, but the pan/tilt controls won't work, because the camera does not appear to have motorised pan or tilt. The pan and tilt angle can be set at installation by loosening a screw and manually moving the camera head, but once installed, this appears to be fixed.
  • Well that explains it, then. :) Is there a way I can tell SS to enable zoom only? Now I'm not getting the PTZ button at all.
  • When using the ONVIF profile, SecuritySpy should automatically detect this and make the zoom buttons available. Is this not the case?

    With the Panasonic profiles that give you working video, do any of the zoom buttons work?
  • No, and the behavior is a bit odd: in ONVIF mode I sometimes get the PTZ button, but only after I switch to another profile and back to ONVIF then "Apply Preferences". Popping out the PTZ controls, both P/T and zoom are greyed out.

    The Panasonic profiles also don't seem to like 4K 30fps mode -- you can kind of make out the image but there are strange compression artifacts.

    Overall, lack of zoom isn't really a big deal for me; it possible to set it using the (truly terrible) Panasonic Windows program -- and I just needed to run that once to set the zoom and focus properly.

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