How to Set Recording Location for ALL Cameras?
  • About once or twice a year, I completely reformat my 12 TB drive RAID to clear all file system problems that accumulate over time as hundreds of thousands video files are created/destroyed by SS. Running betas and the occasional SS crash seems to eventually mess up the volume's file system enough to cause issues. It's not a terrible problem, but I do it as routine system maintenance.

    My big problem is that reformatting the recording target (even though retaining same volume name) causes SS to revert to recording to the default security spy directory. I suspect that means SS is remembering volumes by internal ID rather than volume name.

    That means manually going through EACH AND EVERY camera's recording location and pointing once more at my RAID volume. It's a royal pain with 16 cameras to individually set. Then I also must go back and delete the files that were recorded in the default directory.

    Is there a way to set the recording location for ALL the cameras with a single action?

    Better yet, can the recording location be kept from reverting post a volume reformat?
  • Yes - you can use the "Default capture destination" option in the General Preferences. This applies to all cameras that have not been configured individually to record to a certain location.

    There is no way to prevent SecuritySpy reverting to the default location if the custom location is not available - failing to revert would prevent all recording, which is generally not going to be what most users will want to happen.
  • Can the custom recording location be pathname based rather than internal volume ID based?

    That would allow one to reformat the recording volume and give the new volume the same name and have SS still use it as the recording location.
  • SecuritySpy stores these locations as "Bookmarks", which is Apple's recommended way of doing it (these are similar to old-style "Aliases", if you are familiar with those). The bookmark does contain the path, but it contains a host of other info too that allows the bookmark to still refer to a folder or file if, for example, it is moved or renamed. So, while paths have certain advantages including simplicity, Bookmarks on the whole are much more robust, which is why SecuritySpy uses them.
  • That's fine for the volume is renamed, but not if the volume is reformatted. Could SS check the old path for existence and then if that does not exist, move on to the other bookmark data?

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