Zavio camera -- H.265 video
  • I finally set up our new Zavio B6530 camera. nice camera! (already End-Of-Life!!)

    it offers H.265 video, and I've set it to deliver H.265 rather than H.264. SecuritySpy appears to be handling it well, but in the SecuritySpy settings for the camera, 'format' is set to H.264.

    is SecuritySpy getting H.264 or H.265 video?

  • Hi Gregory,

    SecuritySpy does not yet support H.265, so it will be using the H.264 stream from the camera. We plan to add H.265 support soon.

    Zavio products are generally high quality so I'm glad you're happy with the camera.
  • hi Ben.

    which of the Zavio audio codecs does SS support? g.711, g.726 or AMR ?

    all I'm getting from my camera is a buzz.

  • SecuritySpy supports all these audio formats.

    The camera has audio features but no built-in microphone, so you'll have to get a separate microphone to attach to the camera's audio-input port. Have you done this?
  • no LOL!

    not sure what the easier/better microphone options are. don’t want to attach extra power cables, etc
  • If you google "CCTV microphone" you will see what kind of microphone you need - these are small inexpensive mics that have 12v power in and audio out.

    Do you already have 12v power going to the camera? If so then you can simply use this to power both the mic and the camera.

    If you are using PoE, then you can use a "PoE splitter" device to give you 12v at the camera end to power both the camera and the microphone.

    Generally, if you need audio, it's much easier to get a camera with a built-in mic. But once set up the above solutions will work well, and also you have more flexibility about where exactly to position the microphone for best effect.
  • I'm using PoE which is super convenient, so I really have no interest in adding wires or a splitter for a microphone.

    I think we can live without a microphone on the camera outside the house :)

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