Security Spy with Mojave
  • Currently using with Mojave public betas, any SS betas available?
  • The latest beta version of SecuritySpy is always here: SecuritySpy latest beta version. Please report any issues you find with SecuritySpy on Mojave beta to us by email. Thanks.
  • MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) is going to be released on September 24, 2018. Any issues with the BETA?
  • We have been testing and have found no issues with the current 4.2.8 release on Mojave beta. Also no issues have been reported by our beta testers or general user base (some of whom will be using the Mojave beta). So I am confident that there will be no issues.
  • Hi,

    After upgrade to Mojave, SecuritySpy 4.2.10 no longer records audio. Whereas I was asked to grant camera access on first start after Mojave upgrade, I wasn't asked about microphone access (and SecuritySpy does not appear in System Preferences > Security > Microphone).

    Any suggestion?

  • Hi seb - could you please try the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (4.2.9b3) and let us know if this is fixed?

    Mojave requires the user's permission to access the Mac's audio input, and apparently any software wanting to record audio in this way needs to jump through a few hoops to make this request.
  • Hi Ben

    I'd also have to comment that with Mojave, I don't get any audio recorded with motion detection events. Using a Sunba 601-DX20 (H.265 newer model). The audio preview works ok though. Security prefs are set to allow mic access to SS.
  • We have just released a new version of SecuritySpy (4.2.9) that is officially compatible with Mojave. The issue with the audio is that Mojave requires applications to ask for user consent when opening Mac video and audio input devices, so we had to add this to get the audio working (video consent was already being asked for, just not audio consent).

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