AXIS Q6055-E (PTZ)
  • Can anyone give me any trouble shooting ideas to get the PTZ to work for this camera. We also have a AXIS Q6034 and it works just fine (PTZ)
  • Please check the following:

    - You are using the latest version of SecuritySpy

    - Under Preferences - Cameras - Device, make sure you are using the "Axis" profile

    - Make sure the username/password you have entered into SecuritySpy is the root/admin password for the camera.
  • Hi, related question. Using SS version 4.2.6 and Axis 6034-Q firmware version 5.41.4. Directly in the SS app, the PTZ control of my Axis Q-6034 is this: click briefly on one of the directional buttons for PTZ control and the camera moves in that direction 180° and you can't stop it. Same thing with all other directions. A brief click of the zoom control also moves the zoom to the maximum position only. The preset positions work correctly. This behavior in consistent in the SS app, in a web browser connected to the SS web server, and in SS iOS app. I cannot manually move the camera where I need it without logging into the camera's (not SS's) webpage, where crosshair PTZ movement works as expected. BIGBUFF, does your Q-6034 PTZ control from within SS work differently from this? Thanks.
  • Ben, I have video and motion detection that works perfectly, just no PTZ working.

    ConvenInteg, I’m on Firmware version: on my Q6034 and PTZ works just fine.

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