Error creating movie resource 3.4.10,318,-61
  • I am seeing this error in the log, every hour, (presumably as a new file is being created). However, everything seems fine. Valid files are indeed being created. I only care because it would be nice to turn on emailed errors, but I don't want to receive this error every hour :)

    I am running an older version of SS, so this may just be something I need to overlook - that's totally fair - but if it's something I can correct, that would be great.

    Security Spy version: 3.4.10
    Hardware: Mac Mini, 2.26Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM
    OS: 10.6.8

    Cameras: 2 connected; one recording continuously, one set recording motion detection events
    Temp files are being written locally, with the main storage on a 1TB disk connected to a latest generation AirPort base station with admin privileges. Computer and base station are hardwired to the same network switch. SS is the only application running.

  • Error -61 is a "write permissions error". So SecuritySpy is attempting to write some data somewhere and the OS is refusing permission. If you have specified a custom capture destination for your files, make sure that you have permission to write there. The next thing to do is to use Disk Utility to fix permissions on all your drives.

    As you mention, you are using a rather old version of SecuritySpy that is no longer supported. However it should work just find on your system version, so I hope that the above advice will help you track down and fix this problem.
  • Thank you for the explanation! It seems with the Airport, there isn't much fine control over permissions. The volume in use shows the connected user as "Read/Write", which seems correct. The capture files DO get written and preferences are retained.

    My solution was just to go back to a locally connected disk and the errors have disappeared.

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