hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW Supported by SecuritySpy?
  • I'm thinking about getting a hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW as a baby monitor however this camera supports 4MP video resolution while the securityspy recommended Hikvision camera is 3MP so I'm wondering if this camera will work well with SecuritySpy. Also, if anyone has any thoughts on this camera, please share.
  • Yes, SecuritySpy supports all Hikvision cameras. This particular one will make an excellent baby monitor (though for this particular purpose, 4 MP resolution is overkill - you waste network bandwidth, CPU time and storage space for extra resolution you don't need - if you can get the 2 MP or 3 MP version for cheaper, then go for that instead).
  • Good to know, thanks.
  • Ben, can you give me an idea as to how much bandwidth 4MP consumes? I'm asking because of the places I find that sell the US/English version of the Hikvision cube camera the 4MP is actually less than the 3MP version.
  • I would check but all the reolink 4MP cameras can be run at lower resolutions, I would imagine that would be the case for the Hikvision ones...
  • Thanks, I should see if I can find the Hikvision manual to find out if that camera has resolution settings.
  • This review mentions the video resolution can be lowered so I'm getting it: https://securitycamcenter.com/hikvision-ds-2cd2442fwd-iw-4mp-ir-cube-network-camera-review/

    I'm am very curious to see how the built-in PIR detection works.
  • Yes, I'm pretty sure that the Hikvision camera will allow you to choose from a range of different resolutions, so you should be able to choose one suitable for your needs. I would say that 1 MP is adequate for this purpose and 2 MP is plenty.
  • I have the hikvision camera now and it does allow changing a variety of video options including the resolution. It is working well with SecuritySpy although I have a minor issue with this camera because it requires some kind of browser plugin to modify some settings like turning the OSD off and I am reticent to install unsigned plugins for a variety of reasons (the amcrest camera I own has the same issue).

    BTW, the PIR motion detection works well with no false alarms.
  • do they have an ios app you could perhaps use? i tend to prefer not to install stuff to my mac if i can help it
  • I'm not sure if Hikvision provides an iOS app but I will look. Thanks for the tip.
  • I tried the iOS iVMS-4500 lite app which does connect to the camera and allows some basic configuration control for the camera but it does not let me configure the OSD feature. 8^/
  • What I'm thinking of doing is running a VirtualBox VM running Windows into which I will install the browser plugin so I do things I can't or won't do with my native Mac OS.
  • yeah, I did that with an old Sricam I had which required IE and an activex plugin to get into the settings, once I had it setup I just deleted the vm, shame to have to go to those lengths though, shows poor design on the part of the camera company.

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