Would an eGPU improve S/Spy performance?
  • Ben & Co,
    I noticed that today's release of 10.13.4 supports external GPU (eGPU). Would S/Spy benefit from this? For machines with Thunderbolt3, would this maybe be more cost effective than replacing the entire machine?

    "External GPUs provide extra graphics processing power for graphics-intensive applications. eGPUs are able to accelerate apps that use Metal, OpenGL. and OpenCL. "

    thanks in advance.
  • The two main GPU-accelerated frameworks that SecuritySpy uses are OpenGL for video display, and VideoToolbox for video decoding/encoding. We already know what OpenGL is supported for eGPUs, but there is not yet any confirmed information about VideoToolbox. It's certainly possible - adding an external GPU may in fact allow VideoToolbox to offload more of the H.264 video processing to hardware and therefore speed up SecuritySpy, but no information about this has yet been officially released. At this point we'll just have to wait and see.

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