Not seeing Reolink Camera in Auto-Discover
  • I had read where SS might be downlevel causing this problem but did not see an update to my 4.2.3.
    I can see the other cameras just the Reolink. When I plug in the IP it works fine but trying to avoid the power failure/reboot loosing the connection issue. Any thoughts appreciated.
  • SecuritySpy 4.2.3 is currently the latest version, and there are no known bugs related to auto-discovery in this version.

    There are two methods of auto-discovery: Bonjour and ONVIF. Log on to your camera using a web browser and check that these options are enabled.

    If auto-discovery is still not working, then check for a firmware update for your camera from Reolink.

    Or, set up your camera according to our instructions "2. Cameras with a DHCP address by default" under Connecting to a Camera Over Ethernet in the SecuritySpy Installation Manual.
  • I haven't had any problem around auto-discovery with my Reolink 410s and 423, it has found them with no issue.
  • Ben, thanks for the rapid reply.

    My Config: SS, MiniMac, OS 10.13.3, Orbi WAP (latest Firmware), 3 cameras (2; Samsung, 1 reolink).

    Things got a little worse after making the UUIP changes yesterday to the two cameras so I'm not certain I should switch over the Reolink yet as I might have created a new issue.

    Background: After the power failure, which lasted longer than the battery back-up, I realized I needed a better method and set out to set up static IP's for the cameras. Reading the manual I saw the UUID method and switched the 2 samsung cameras over.

    Many errors this AM as I write this related to communications between all cameras and server/SS. The errors on the samsung cameras switched to UUID were:

    Error communicating with the network device "Driveway". 4.2.3,89900,8807 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. DNS resolution failed - could not resolve the hostname to an IP address in order to connect to the server

    Current Plan: I'll switch these back to using the dynamic IP address vs Auto-Discover for now but have I configured something wrong in SS or is this a camera issue?

    The Reolink camera (still using the IP address method) now failing with:

    Error communicating with the network device "Front Porch". 4.2.3,70902,800 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. The operation timed out.


    Error communicating with the network device "Front Porch". 4.2.3,10,835 Excessive packet loss from network device, the network may be too slow or defective, or this computer may be overloaded. Check the network and/or reduce this camera's frame rate.

    The Orbi WAP is "suppose" to be as fast as 400mps and there is nothing else running in the house to speak of. As I write the, Activity Monitor shows:

    CPU - 93% idle
    Memory - 2.8 out of 4.0 used
    Network - around...rec 650KB/sec and sent 100KB/sec
    Reolink - 5Ghz
    Samsung - 2.4Ghz

    I'm thinking something changed do to the power outage in my config and this is not related to SS at all but if you have any clues, it would be appreciated.

  • This sounds to me like a network problem. Are you able to connect to the cameras using a web browser (e.g. Safari)?

    If a camera goes offline for any reason (e.g. it loses WiFi signal), then an 800 (timeout) error is typical. If it is offline for an extended period, then the DNS resolution failure can happen.

    Also, the "Excessive packet loss" message indicates that the network is too slow to keep up with the amount of data that is passing through it.

    Is your Mac connected by wired Ethernet, or is that WiFi too? I would definitely recommend connecting it by wired Ethernet.
  • I can see the cameras via browser. The server is wired (wireless is turned off).
    Agree that this seems like a network issue but I can't figure out what happened after the power outage. I've been working on the Orbi front all day to see if there was something reset after the outage.

    I'll update later.
  • After a few hours, it's back to the way it was and while I know it was the Orbi firmware but I'm not certain why it happened after the power outage. What I observed was that many devices attached to Orbi were bouncing back and forth between wireless and wired even if they weren't wireless. Some of the wireless devices were bouncing back and forth netween 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz. The network was sort of thrashing going and was finally resolved by taking the firmware back a few levels.

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