• Hi,

    I've pretty a lot of trouble with a EZVIZ C2Cube IP camera. I set-up it in SecuritySpy and it works for sometimes and than stop to show the video. If I go though the EZVIZ portal it continue to show me the video. Sometimes it runs for a couple of days other times only for a couple of hours. The strange thing is that I couldn't find a real workaround to get it back online. The only thing it appears to work it to reboot my Mac which is pretty strange and that you can imagine isn't the best thing. This happens if I use the HIKVISION profile or the standard ONVIF one. SecuritySpy works correctly with my other camera which is a Tenvis IPROBOT3.
    Has somebody experience with this camera and can help.

    Many Thanks
  • Hi Andrea,

    We haven't seen this camera before, but it does look like a Hikvision re-brand. I'm familiar with the Hikvision model and in my experience it is reliable, so I'm not quite sure why you are having problems with it.

    The first thing to do is ask EZVIZ for a firmware update for the camera.

    Next you should look at your network. How is your Mac and the camera connected? Ideally they should both by connected by wired Ethernet to a high-quality switch. If either is connected by WiFi, see if you can change this to a wired Ethernet connection.

    Hope this helps.

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