Can't view Captures on SecuritySpy iPhone app
  • I'm running SecuritySpy 4.2.2 on my iMac (10.13.3). On my iPhone X (11.2.5), I can view my cameras fine (single or multiplex), but when I go to Captures, the screen says "No Cameras". Is there a setting I am missing? I know I have been able to view captures before, but don't think I've tried since I've had an iPhone X. The captures are on a hard drive connected to my iMac (via USB 3.0). I have verified that recordings are there on continually being captured. Any ideas what I should look at?
  • This sounds like a permissions issue - please check the account you are using in SecuritySpy under Preferences -> Web and make sure it has permission to access recorded footage from your cameras. It's best if you set the permission level for the account to "Administrator" to avoid any problems.

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