Compatibility PTZ Floureon
  • Hello,

    This camera is OK with SS ?

    Thank you
  • We haven't tested this camera ourselves, but its specifications states that it supports ONVIF, so it's highly likely to work with SecuritySpy. If you decide to go for this camera, please report back to confirm that it works, and let us know your impressions of the camera in terms of quality and reliability.
  • Hello Ben,

    The camera work fine (this morning) with ONVIF but, PTZ preset don't work.
    On the dashboard of the camera (http), the preset work fine.

    SS offers 10 different profiles like many Fostcam, Tenvis, Wansview, Zone. How to do, which to choose to have a chance to memorize the PTZ with SS ?
  • Wow !! PTZ Preset Fine Work with Instar Profile !!

    EDIT : argh ! But not zoom :(

    I have the presets with the INSTAR IN-5907, IN-6001HD, ... profiles (but I do not have the zoom).
    I have the zoom with the ONVIF profile.

    Is it possible (please) to combine the memorization of the INSTAR IN-5907, IN-6001HD ect ... profiles with the ZOOM of the ONVIF profile (because it works with ONVIF).
  • @Ben

    It is possible to combine a Profile "Floureon PTZ" with Presets of Foscam or Instar INSTAR IN-5907, IN-6001HD (Work fine) and the ONFIV Zoom fonction (Work Fine). Because I don't have all fonctions.

  • Hello

    Since yesterday my problem is solved! (presets and zoom).
    In fact, in the configuration of Floureon cameras, I indicated the ports Onvif and RTSP (which are perfectly good), but for some reason I do not know, I did not have a zoom and the presets worked on a camera, and on the other I had neither presets nor zoom.

    By removing the port numbers for both cameras, I leave SS alone and everything now works with the same profile (Fostcam FI9820W).

    A happiness!
  • I'm glad to hear you found a solution to your problem, sorry to be a bit too slow to react to your messages above.

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