Doorbell Cam
  • Has anyone tried this Doorbell cam with SS. Its $139.00 (USD) at checkout when you enter CYBER as the coupon code. Looking for a doorbell cam and its seems TGTBT.
  • This one is new to us. It looks promising, because its spec sheet lists RTSP support, which is all that is required to make it work with SecuritySpy. I have emailed LaView Support asking for some technical info and I will post back here when they get back to me.
  • Thanks for looking into this. Looks to be a rebranded Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP.
    I looked through the Support / Q@A section of LaViews`s site and it said it was ONVIF compatible.
  • I have heard back from LaView support and they do indeed confirm that it's ONVIF compatible.

    They also supplied info about manual setup, whereby you can use the "Manual configuration" profile in SecuritySpy with the RTSP Format setting, with Streaming/Channels/101 as the Request. However, as it supports ONVIF, there should be no need to use manual setup.

    If anyone decides to buy this device, please post back here with your experiences.
  • Thanks Ben
    The coupon code stop working :(
    Day late I Guess. Back to $199.00

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