Spyglass Apple Watch
  • Has anyone been able to make this work. I can't get past the setup where it looks for the sever despite having the app open and running on iphone as request by watch app.
  • Since Ben introduced the SecuritySpy app for iOS, I haven't used Spyglass anymore... but I just checked and it seems Spyglass does not have a Watch version...
    Are you using a beta version perhaps ?

    That being said, I finally got an Apple Watch last week, and I must say that the notifications from the SecuritySpy app are awesome. I can now see instantly who is at my front door... it's a very neat feature.

    I'm not sure what exactly you want to achieve, but perhaps the native SecuritySpy app is worth checking out.
  • My OCD would like to make sure the garage door is shut while out running. I currently use both apps
  • I would love an Apple Watch native SS app. I think Ben said the demand wasn’t there but I have to imagine at this point there are many more people with the watch. I’d pay extra for the watch app for sure.
  • Agreed. Updated to Mojave recently and my Spyglass app fails to recognize the SS server. Was working well before, but would much rather have a native SS app!

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