Can't configure Zavio B6530 camera
  • my new Zavio arrived today, but try as I might, I cannot load the configuration page in Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

    using Bonjour Browser, I was able to see that it's defaulting to, but setting my Mac's subnet to the same one, and trying to load that address always times out.

    has anyone else been able to set up their Zavio using Safari?


    Zavio B6530 connected to a PoE Injector, connected to my Mac Pro running OS X 12.
  • turns out that the camera defaults to DHCP, and...

    my Mac can only see it if it is connected directly to my router (instead of the PoE Injector) with power supplied directly to it from a transformer.

    my Injector can supply up to 30W per channel at 12DV, so I'm not sure what the problem is. will ask Zavio.

    does anyone here have any ideas?

    btw, when they say that the new cameras support H265, it's only half true. as soon as you select H265, the maximum video is set to 640x480!

    and auto IR Mode seems to switch to black & white too easily. our HIKVision cameras have no problem getting excellent colour from the rooms in our home at night with the lights turned on.

    cheers all.
  • Zavio replied to my email regarding the issue. it could be that the B6530 is not compatible with my PoE Injector/switch. I'll get another and test it again later when I have a little more time.
  • Since you can connect to the camera when it's connected to its own power supply, but not when it's connected to the PoE injector, then this does indicate a compatibility problem with the injector. Still, it's strange that you are seeing it in Bonjour Browser in this case - did Zavio have any explanation for this? Anyway, I hope that a new injector will fix it - please report back and let us know.
  • just received a couple of items from Taobao.

    the new iMac 27" 2017 only has one ethernet interface, so I bought a USB Ethernet adapter (3xUSB3 ports + 1xGb ethernet = ¥90), and I bought a new PoE Injector (4 ports, 96W = ¥110).

    hooked it all up and the camera is working perfectly :)

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