Movie Fixer : What is Auto Mode ?
  • Hello,
    would it be possible to get more info about the way Movie Fixer Works ?
    For exemple what does that mean : Video Codec Auto ?
    Does the software try ALL the possible codec or choose one by analyzing the movie.
    How the Video size may interfere with the recovery process ?
    How "accurate" is this tool ? I mean if it is unable to recover a 200MB movie file does that mean the movie is lost forever or does that mean i need to look somewhere else ?
    A 200MB file represents quite a lot images; why it so so complicated to recover them because a few bits are missing in the file ?
    BTW is there any link to valuable technical ressource page about those corrupted QT Video and this damned "moov atom not found" ...

    Thanks to provide me any help to rescue my video.
  • Hi Vick,

    A movie file consists of a bunch of video and audio samples, all mixed together throughout the file. Then you have the "moov" atom that contains all the metadata: where the video and audio frames are in the file, what format they are in, the duration of each sample etc. Therefore, if the file is corrupt and the moov atom can't be found, the playback software won't be able to play back the movie file.

    Our Movie Fixer app attempts to reconstruct this moov atom by scanning the whole file, looking for video frames. This is not an easy process, because the actual data representing a video frame can look very different, depending on how the data was originally created and what format it is in. In "Auto" mode, the app attempts to detect the key parameters (video codec and image size) from the video data in the file itself. However, this is not always possible, so if the Audio mode doesn't work, then you should supply the correct parameters for codec and video size.

    If you are still having no luck with this, please send us this movie file and we will take a look - this will help us to improve the Movie Fixer app for the future. Use to upload the file and email the download link to us.
  • Thatl you for this useful response

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