Question on compatibility with Night Owl THD301-88P
  • Costco has a good deal on this system and I'm thinking about switching over to a hard wired configuration and adding some cameras - how can I tell if the Night Owl THD301-88P 8 Channel 3MP Extreme HD Video Security DVR with 1 TB HDD and 8 x 3MP Wired Infrared Cameras will work with Security Spy?

    Link to product info / web page below - thanks for any help....
  • Ugh. Those cameras are listed as connecting via BNC + power, not POE. They look like very basic analog HD cameras. The cameras certainly won't directly talk to SS.

    I can't tell if their DVR can output a stream that SS can use.

    I would personally pass on this setup and look for at least a setup that includes POE cameras, but verify that the included cameras can output a usable stream.
  • Thx, understand the individual cameras are not IP but the DVR does allow connection to PC or smart phone via IP - I just don't know what protocols the DVR supports - so just asking in case someone here has tried using them with SS....
  • There doesn't seem to be any public information about how to stream video from this DVR. This is not surprising - most DVR products like this are designed to be closed solutions that don't support standard streaming protocols and therefore don't work with third-party software such as SecuritySpy.

    If you want to use a dedicated DVR/NVR in conjunction with SecuitySpy, I would recommend either Dahua or Hikvision cameras, because these cameras work great with SecuritySpy, plus both manufacturers also make NVR products for their cameras.
  • Thx, got it...

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