Next MacOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Will SecuritySpy be compatible with the next MacOS update 10.13 (High Sierra)? I just tested it with the current beta and it doesn't work. Of course, SecurtitySpy is a high priority for me so I won't "officially" update my OS until (unless) it is compatible, but I wanted to ask about the upgrade path.
  • Yes, it certainly will be by the time of release. In fact the latest beta of SecuritySpy does work perfectly with the latest beta of High Sierra in our testing. Are you sure you are using the latest beta versions? Use the App Store to upgrade to the latest High Sierra beta, and check our SecuritySpy beta version page for the latest SecuritySpy beta. If you are still having problems with this combination, please describe them.
  • Thank you. I had not downloaded the SecuritySpy beta, just running the current version in High Sierra beta.

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