External motion sensors to trigger camera recording?
  • Hi, today I use the motion detection functionality inside SS and I'm happy with the way it works. However in preparation for a time when I want to purchase a replacement camera, there is one thing that is a bit frustrating. My camera points from the inside, to the entrance of an appartment building. And while it doesn't see any sky, the outside light that shines inside, onto the carpet, does trigger a motion. A cloud in front of the sun... This isn't a SS issue, but to me it's an issue that is caused by looking at pixels to decide of a motion has taken place.

    I'm hoping someone has experience with attaching an external "trigger" to an IP camera that moves the motion detection away from SS (would also reduce the CPU load on my MacMini of it only has to deal with streams that are sent when it matters). I would like to use a motion detection device that basically detects humans (instead of light) and then sends a trigger to a camera to start sending the stream to SS.

    I haven't found a good solution yet. Hoping someone has experience with this or can point me in the right direction (or tell me I'm crazy as this doesn't work).


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