Axis' Zipstream and SS?
  • Greetings. Axis released Zipstream, a smart codec intended to lower bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50% or more for many 24/7 surveillance situations. The white paper says this technology is backward compatible with any VMS with H.264 support. Anyone have any thoughts or experience on this with SS?
  • This is an interesting technology. It's not a new/different codec, but rather it's a way for an Axis camera to reduce the bandwidth of its standard H.264 stream. It does this by smoothing blank areas of the image (e.g. walls and floors) and dynamically adjusting the frame rate of the stream, based on the contents of the video. All this is done on-camera, so that any VMS (including SecuritySpy) can take advantage of this.

    However note that SecuritySpy's own motion-detection algorithm relies on a reasonable frame rate from the camera to work effectively (at least 5fps). If the camera dramatically reduces its frame rate, you might find that SecuritySpy's motion-detection algorithm doesn't work so well. If this is not an issue for you, then you may very well get significant storage and bandwidth savings by turning on this feature in the camera.
  • @ConvenInteg, I've Zipstream turned on all my Axis cameras that support it (on low) for sometime now. I haven't noticed any significant issues with motion detection. And the decrease in bandwidth is significant, even at low (50% reduction sounds about right). I wondered if I'd lose any important details in the image, but I haven't done any good A/B testing yet. Has anyone else tried it in greater detail?
  • My Axis camera zipstream setup has an option for minimum FPS. Set that to 5 if that's what SS needs for reliable motion detection. Zipstream has options for dynamic FPS and GOP.

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